Who is Dr. Gabriel Doucas? Part 2

Published: 01st October 2010
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There are so many curve balls that are thrown our way and none of us are prepared for the unexpected in life.
They say that we cannot avoid death or taxes, but who would be prepared for the mishap of something unforeseen happening such as a deformity or an accident that potentially can leave you both physically and emotionally scarred for life?
Dr Gabriel Doucas is an experienced and proficient reconstructive and plastic surgeon who can replace the loss of confidence that a patient suffers when she loses her breasts to the debilitating disease of cancer.
Should your child be born with a deformity, leaving the parents bereft with guilt and heart-break , Dr Doucas will be there to help you to pick up the pieces and give good, solid advice on how best to repair deformities. A child with a cleft palette need not be scarred for life, and would be able to lead a normal life once reconstructive surgery is performed.
Good health and perfect children is something most of us take for granted, but there are thousands upon thousands of children who are not born perfectly after all, we are living in an imperfect world. Imagine being born without the ability to smile? The dedication and hard work done by reconstructing cleft palates, palate cranial facial procedures, ear reconstruction and burns can help children grow up to lead perfectly normal and fulfilled lives. Dr Gabriel Doucas is a dedicated reconstructive and plastic surgeon who is proficient in performing these intricate procedures.
Take this case study as an example:
For the South African team of doctors it was a breakthrough. For nine-year-old Severiano du Preez, it means he will have a smile.

Severiano is at least the third South African child to undergo the operation that allows children with moebius syndrome, which causes facial paralysis, to smile; this is a first as the team is all South African.

Wits University professor of plastic surgery George Psaras, who performed the 12 hour surgery, was assisted by the dedicated team consisting of Dr Joost Blok, Dr Craig Schaw and Dr Gabriel Doucas, claims that Severiano would have to wait about two more months before he would be able to put his new smile to use.
Severiano was born with the syndrome, which left the right side of his face paralysed. Typical of moebius syndrome, the face is left expressionless.

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